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    kunming Yunnan kunming Kunming City, Yunnan Province, Xishan District, the first wave of the victory of the first floor of 13888128345
    Doumen Guangdong doumen Zhuhai doumen district well coast town of guangdong province zte south road 110-114 0756-5558166
    SuiXi Guangdong SuiXi Guangdong zhanjiang shuixi jinhui lamp is acted the role of material 0759-7691196
    Zhanjiang Guangdong zhanjiang Leshan road of guangdong zhanjiang development zone in 25 Jin Gucheng building room 401 A 0759-2836928
    Fogang Guangdong Buddha Qingyuan city, guangdong province, fe gang county pine and east road 222-226 0763-4888682
    Qingyuan Guangdong qingyuan Qingyuan city, guangdong province town along the emperor JingHaoYuan beijiang river 0763-3669193
    Dongguan Guangdong dongguan Guangdong dongguan following A glorious city building 28 A 0769-83558885
    Shanwei Guangdong shanwei Guangdong shanwei cities urban civilization road no. 213 0660-3303099
    Shantou Guangdong shantou Shantou city, guangdong province zhujiang road and songshan road border was beautiful in building ma 0754-88992348
    New will Guangdong new will Guangdong jiangmen xinhui overseas north road no. 13, 115 0750-6175363
    Jiangmen Guangdong jiangmen Guangdong jiangmen donghua 40 long yi building the first floor all the way 0750-3113269
    Shenzhen Guangdong shenzhen Guangdong shenzhen guanlan street view of ring south road 2062 commercial plaza building materials h 0755-23028692
    qinzhou Guangxi liuzhou Guangxi qinzhou international city of beibu gulf 0777-3891138
    Xiamen Fujian xiamen Huli district of fujian province Zhong Zhai road 69 beauty of red star triumphant dragon A8033-8035 0592-5698818
    Quanzhou Fujian quanzhou Fujian quanzhou luojiang district red star us triumphant dragon A8109 vanhon road - 8110 0595-29016285
    Sanming Fujian sanming Fujian sanming sanyuan district changan road 17, beauty of red star triumphant dragon mall investmen 0598-8300000
    Xiangtan Hunan xiangtan Hunan xiangtan hedong east bus station opposite the house building materials supermarket 0731-52518988
    Liling Hunan liling Hunan liling rings will be 12 international building 28 to 30 0731-23452666
    Changde Hunan changde Chang DE city of hunan province wuling district beauty in building materials plaza 217 on the second 0736-7616788
    Shaoyang Hunan shaoyang Shaoyang city of hunan province, south railway station building materials market building 17 2-3 0739-5301228
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